Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Does anyone else struggle to come up with witty or even relevant post titles? Any tips?

I finished listening to a taped book late last night - The Secret River by Kate Grenville. Quite a good read... (or should that be 'listen'?) set on the Hawkesbury in convict times. Thanx to the lovely K for lending it to me! Taped books are definitely the perfect companion for knitting... significantly improve my attention span and are a good way to keep me up knitting til midnight!

Last night also saw me cast on a beanie (which brings me up to 3 WIPs... oh dear!). The shrug is sooo close to being finished but still not quite... but seeing as Dad's b'day is a week before Mum's... I figured I should get trucking on something for him. He has a complete lack of good beanies, so there you go. It's in a lovely cream Cleckheaton Country Naturals and a specked (I'm sure there's a proper word for that) forest green which was left over from my trip through Africa where I learnt to knit. Here they are in front of the gorgeous orchids Mr Purl gave me over 2 weeks ago, which still look good as new!

I got absolutely no knitting done on the weekend... it was another working bee weekend, preparing for Corinbank. So we were up in the mountains cutting and carting trees and stacking them on a couple of huge bonfires to clear room for the main stage, and the rustic bar... great way to keep warm and get fit all at the same time. Bonus!! :) It's always nice to spend the weekend working outdoors... makes a great change from sitting in the office.


Bells said...

that's some hard and heavy work you did on the weekend!

As for titles, just whatever comes into my head first. Often not very funny but if I agonise over them I get nowhere!

The Cleckheaton country (silk?) stuff is lovely - I think you meant speckled!

Jejune said...

Wow, lots of hard work there! My brother helped build the Corin mountain slide thingy way back ages ago... he was employed out there for about a year, I think.

Titles - yeah, can be hard work. Sometimes I just string words associated with all the sections together in a weird mix (eg Puppy Silk Painting).

K said...

Hey hon,

Glad you like the secret river - it made me cry at the end!!

I'm the same as you - developing more and more WIPs. I had to put the MS3 down for a bit on the weekend as I was a bit miffed after they released the theme and I thought 'well it doesn't look anything like that' and 'I never would have guessed that'!

I know I'll pick it up again because it's still gorgeous but I had to something else for a bit so now I have four things OTN. And I can't make it tonight to work on any of them! I'll be there in spirit - thinking about knitting while I'm at the theatre.

xx K

Michelle said...

Titles = I use words from the latest song on my iPod. Usually it's Waifs. That's why they make absolutely no sense at all.

And yay for extra wips! personally I find there's nothing wrong with it ...