Friday, 21 November 2008

Random honeymoon photo number 1

This little guy looked pretty sad in his cage. His body language was so much like that of a child, and just screamed "I just want a hug!". I put my finger near his cage and he grabbed onto it with his hand and then promptly fell asleep holding my finger. We sat like that for about 20 minutes. Aw. I think the closest thing he gets to love is little kids poking him and teasing him. Monkeys aren't supposed to be in cages.
On a happier note, we saw lots of monkeys in the wild, kamikaze jumping between trees... they looked very happy.

Stuff and things

Here are a whole bunch of photos of yarny goodness that I took ages ago (note the lack of leaves on the trees!) and never got around to posting.

An old finished object (around August from memory!) Made from my first handspun yarn :)

Another FO. With the gorgeous ruffles yarn my lovely friend Alice bought for me in Germany. The colours aren't as bright or horrible as the photo makes out. My camera just doesn't seem to do reds.
A purchase from the ACT Craft fair... sparkly brown merino.

Some merino purchases from EGMTK. The one on the left is called clown face!
Gorgeous 2ply alpaca which I bought in the alpaca shop in beechworth and am going to turn into a travelling vines scarf.

Another goreous laceweight, which I got at the Craft fair, which took me two evenings to wind into a ball and has convinced me to invest in a swift and ball winder! I was very close to throwing the whole thing in the bin in tangled frustration. It's becoming a feathers and fan scarf. Which I started knitting sitting in a hut in the snow near the top of Mount Buffalo! Lace projects are perfect to take on a backcountry ski trip - lightweight, but can keep you amused for hours while your more skilled mates rip up the slopes!So... the stash is getting bigger and there's very little knitting going on. I'm putting that off until after I've had time to sleep and do last weeks dishes. It's been a long week!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Can I be brutally honest?

Upon observing that it's been over two months since I last posted, and roughly a month between posts for the few before that, maybe I will have to face up to the fact that I might not be a natural blogger. But for some reason I still seem to hold out some potentially misguided hope that it's just all the circumstances of the last while that have been preventing me from blogging... quarter life crisis, corinbank, job hunting, wedding preparations.... But everyone else seems to keep blogging through the busiest parts of their lives, so maybe I have to face that I'm just not a blogger. None the less, I can't seem to shut down the blog for fear (or hope) that 'maybe one day I will want to blog more regularly again'.

When I get on the computer, I get so distracted by other people's blogs, that I never get around to posting on my own. And then I leave it so long that there are too many things to catch people up on, that it seems like a big task and I avoid it. (ah... some deep seated procrastination issues coming out here, but that's a separate struggle).

When I read everyone else's blogs, I am so blown away by how much you achieve... not only how much blogging, but how much knitting, cooking, gardening, sewing, photographing. Where do you find the time? And what am I doing wrong?? So I read everyone elses blogs, marvelling at all they are doing, instead of going and achieving something myself! Hmm.

A reflection - there is a lot of guilt associated with blogging. (again, perhaps me and perhaps related to my extreme procrastination problems). Noone has every critisized me for my very sporadic blogging... so I guess it's not guilt imposed by others so much as by me. I feel guilty for not posting, for not commenting on others blogs... (although there are so many blogs that I love out there that I'm sure I would never be able to keep up with reading or commenting, so don't even really try), I feel guilty for not doing the other things I want to be doing (knitting, cooking etc!) or should be doing (housework) when I'm instead spending time on the internets. But I guess there are no rules about how often I have to blog... only the expectations I'm imposing on myself. So... I'll continue to leave the question of my blog open ended, and see how things go. Maybe I will get reinspired. Maybe I wont. Either way, I'm going to follow Quilting Mick's lead, and make sure I leave time for doing 'real' things!! Maybe if I achieve more in 'real' life, I will be more inspired to post about it!!

Anyway... if you've made it through the self-indulgent ramble, here's a post. There's too much to share to not post. So here it is.

Mr Purl and I tied the knot on the 11th of October. It was a perfect, glowing, happy happy day. To be surrounded by everyone that we love, celebrating our love of each other and of our community of family and friends... made me so ridiculously happy that my cheeks hurt from all the smiling. I couldn't be surrounded by a bunch of more talented, generous and beautiful people, or be blessed with a more amazing man to share the rest of my life with!
So... less gushing more photos?? Sure! Thanks to one of those highly talented people, Tim Grainger for the gorgeous photos.




Dan & Neet, 2

Our gorgeous outfits (including our beautiful flower girl's dress) were made by our even more gorgeous friend, Polly of Polby Designs. She's one incredibly talented and generous lady!

I wonder if one thing thats discouraging me from blogging is the fact that it takes me so frick'n long to write a post, in between all the distractions of everyone elses blogs, photo editing etc. This post has taken well over an hour and half! Anyone have any advice for blogging/internet efficiency techniques??