Thursday, 9 August 2007

I go up I go down

Wow... this quarter life crisis stuff is HARD. But I'm slowly getting there. We find out next Tuesday whether they're going to make someone on our team redundant. 'Strategic Realignment' they call it! Meanwhile a cloud hangs over everyone's heads as they all mull on the idea that it might be them that's going. Ironically, I'm pretty sure it's not me that's going, but I'm angling my way out anyway- at least for a while.

Yesterday my request for leave without pay until the end of the year was approved. So as of the end of next week, I embark on my life-change... hopefully resulting in a more relaxed and happier me!!

Besides the small high point of getting the leave approved in a lunchtime meeting with HR, yesterday was a painful, all day strategic planning meeting which had us all strung out... and saw me ending the day in the kitchen in tears over something small and stupid. But then a couple of hours later, Knit and Talk Sh!t was on at my place... and I somehow managed to pull together a Thai pumpkin soup, and myself - and the lovely Mr Purl obliged with the fire again. In the end there was just three of us... including our first serious boy knitter! The wonderful M who remembered all the stuff we taught him last week, and excitedly knit-up an impressively mistake-free rectangle which we're hoping to (somehow) turn into a baby bootee :)

And then today, as if a weight has been lifted by knowing I have my leave, I was much more relaxed, and tonight sees me home alone (Mr Purl is somewhere in Victoria getting a slabbing attachment for a log mill...), drinking my favourite Rutherglen Chardonnay, and catching up on my blog reading and commenting. AND I made a fire, which I cut the wood for myself, which for some reason I haven't done for ages. And as I was chopping the wood, I thought "why on earth haven't I been doing this after every hard day I've had??" It's soooo satisfying to get rid of all that yucky energy into a piece of wood... and then burn it! :) And it also made me realise how little energy I've had for everyday things over the last year... which I think I can attribute to the way I've been feeling at work. So... it's a good feeling to finally be doing something about the work situation!! YAY!! So tonight instead of crying in the kitchen, I'm dancing in the kitchen!

On my way home tonight, I rode past the child care centre which is to be my new workplace... just to be close to it made me happy.

Sorry for the complete lack of photos or knitting content. I got a bit done on Dad's beanie last night... and I'm loving how the speckled (thanks for the linguistic help Bells) wool knits up!

And thanks for everyones advice on how to come up with post titles. I'll try to be more spontaneous!! (but I also liked your suggestion Mick of using song words... this post title comes more or less from a Jill Sobule song)


Michelle said...

As someone who left a pretty awful workplace after 5 and a bit years, and has gone somewhere much nicer and less stress-y I can honestly say you have made the right choice. Any choice that makes you happy when you ride past it is the good choice!

At least your song title relates to you post! Mine are completely out there - I love to confuse myself.

I'm sorry I won't be at the craft show this weekend (only tomorrow) but I have the footy in Sydney and a giant pink lady to contribute to on Saturday night! Hopefully we'll finally meet at an upcoming SnB (Monday?.

Neet said...

Thanx for your encouraging words Mick! Everyone's been really supportive... and somehow knowing that other people are going thru the same stuff helps!

I'll be at SnB on Monday fer sure!! I LOVE the Front...I'm so excited, it will just seem like knitting in your loungeroom!! So I look forward to meeing you then (as you say, finally!!)

Jejune said...

Congrats on making the big decision with your job, and moving on to something you're happier in. Very important.

Your Knit and Talk Sh!t dinners sound really fun. I miss the days when I was able to do that sort of entertaining... one day, one day... :)

Georgie said...

Congrats on the LWOP and the life-changes ahead. It's really hard to make such a big jump, and very corageous of you, I can't wait to hear how it goes!

I do love that winery, but havent been there in ages - Thanks for reminding me. My folks live at Corowa (across the river) so next time we visit, it will be on the list!

mez said...


what can i say but that i will miss your patience with the 'boys' and your beautiful smile. i'll have to find another whingeing partner -- perhaps the crazy geese might oblige.

And as a fan of dancing in my dining room, i can highly recommend it for instant therapy. Good music, little lights, lots of water and off you go.

maybe one of these days i'll me one of these new fangled website thingumies...