Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The months zoom by...

Wow... I can't believe that my last post was a month ago! Life is crazy and consumed with organising this festival. I can't wait to get my life (and my fiancee) back - in one and a half (!) weeks time!
Anyway, I wont go into detail about how exhausted and over it I am. Because there's also a lot of excitement... things are looking absolutely amazing for the festival... the program has just been released, and even those of us who've been working on this thing for over a year are blown away by just how much is on!! (definitely check it out!) And preparation for the chai tent (my little bit of the festival) is going really well.

The yoga retreat was amazing... relaxing, centering... just brilliant. I discovered when I got back though that it's really hard to hold on to that relaxed state when you spend your days with 20 toddlers... your lunch hours and weeknights and all weekend helping to organise a festival, and absolutely no time with yourself or the person you're supposed to be getting married to! (oh yeah, but I wasn't going to go into detail about being OVER IT!!) Anyway, I'll definitely be going back to the ashram. soon!

Anyway... that gives you an idea of why blogging has fallen by the wayside. (and knitting too incidentally!). But that's all going to change in a week and half hopefully!! :)

See you at Corinbank!! This is what the sky looks like up there... (sometimes) (well OK, only once... but you might be lucky!)

Catch you on the flip side!