Thursday, 16 August 2007

Two more days

Thanks everyone for your kind words about my life changes... they make it all a bit easier!! Thanx in particular to Mez, my beautiful colleague from SA... I'll miss you the most... but will still be in contact of course!

Slogging my way through the last week at work has been tough... but it's been cheered by a couple of lovely nights of knitting!! The first Inner North SnB happened at the Front cafe and gallery on Monday night. It was great to meet Mick finally, and all the other lovely knitters who I hadn't met before!! We had a great old chatty time, and discovered a few more instances of what a small city/country it is!!

Then last night was a lovely Knit and Talk Sh!t at R's house... with her two big husky dogs very intrigued by all the knitting folk!!! :) Thanks to K for the delicious roo stew!!

AND... 2 hours before his birthday (today) I finished Dad's beanie!!! Got up early this morning to block it... I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't hear the air fizzing out of the wool like George did... because I was quite excited about the prospect of that!! :) So it's sitting obediantly at home now drying out... and will be all ready to give to Dad when I see him tomorrow night! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out... maybe a bit too short, but ah well, I spose that's what I get for not following a pattern! I'll post a pic of the finished object soon!

I'm excited to do some work on the lovely turtle walk socks this weekend!! (I'm going to be hanging out with Mum and Dad, so I can't work on the last little bit of mum's shrug - which I need to finish off sometime between now and next Wednesday...)


Michelle said...

Only one more day now! Have a great time starting your LWOP. Do you start at the new job on Monday?

And it was lovely meeting you too Neet! It was a lovely inspirational evening.

Jejune said...

Congrats on finishing the hat, and hope you enjoy the turtle walk socks! Enjoy your weekend :D

Georgie said...

Well done on the hat - and good on you for taking the time to block it. I figure that what the giftee's head is for ;-)

Hope you enjoyed a feeling of freedom and relief this weekend, and all the possibilities that lay before you - hooray!

Michelle said...

How's everything going with the new job?