Sunday, 26 August 2007

I sneeze when I look into the sun today

Well... I'm still alive (just!). In case some of you were wondering!!
What a week!! My first week of childcare has been thoroughly exhausting!! I think I caught every single virus that every kiddy in the centre has... all at once! Aargh! Then a fairly traumatic day at work on Friday left me absolutely floored! Hey... it can only get easier from here on in! On the up side, every one is nice, the kids are cute, and I'm settling in well.
Also last week I finished Mum's shrug. She loved it!! I have pics of it and Dad's beanie to post. Super soon, I promise!! Now... I'm due in bed!
Hugs to all for their well wishes the past couple of weeks!
Oh and hooray for the 18 degree day (though maybe it was warmer than that?) And to 5 loads of washing all drying today!!


Bells said...

Sounds like a full on first week. A totally new world!

Georgie said...

Really glad your first week went well, lurgies aside. Thinking good thoughts for an equally enjoyable second week!

Taphophile said...

Sounds like you got chucked in the deep-end. Glad you're enjoying it though. Just think of all the immunities you'll be building up!

Jejune said...

Oh kids and bugs, they're symbiotic :p Hope you're feeling better soon! Sounds like work is fun but full-on!

Michelle said...

Excellent to hear from you! Hope you feel better soon though!

DrSpl@t said...

Ohhh... I don't even know what happened. hope it wasn't too stressful, or at least the stress subsided quickly. well its been a balmy 37 here all week, and set to get hotter, but it really is amazing and I'm even getting a tan. go summer.. i have nine moths of summer ahead. i was a fairway through my beanie when i noticed a mistake right at the begining, and have unraveled the whole thing. this baby had better like it :)
miss you xo