Wednesday, 1 August 2007

All was quiet

It's been a quiet week for me on the blog front... which can partially be attributed to my continuing 'quarter life crisis' (as Mr Purl calls it), partially to the room that the computer's in being a couple of degrees warmer than an igloo and partially to me having very little progress to show you, and not much to tell.

But I'm getting there (on all fronts - except perhaps the cold computer room one).

I'm getting sooo close to finishing the shrug for mum. This last bit seems to be dragging out for inordinately long. Maybe because this is the crochet bit? Or because there are now all these other projects I would prefer to be working on. Like my turtle walk socks! - which I've forced myself to put aside so I can finish the shrug in time for Mums birthday! Oh the dilemmas!!

I had a lovely night last night though, sitting in front of the open fire (which the lovely Mr Purl made me to pull me out of the "I'm-completely-over-winter-in-our-freezing-house-and-want-it-to-be-spring-already" doldrums) and madly chaining-away at the border of the shrug!!

And things are looking up... with Knit'n Talk Sh!t with the girls tonight, then SnB tomorrow night. And... on the weekend I got to try my hand at being a personal yarn shopper for S who wanted some funky wool to make a beanie/booty set for her cousins bub. I got her the very bright rainbow coloured Cleckheaton merino bambino. So funky... (why are there so few wools for babies that aren't yucky pastel colours???? Babies like bright things! And hey... when they puke on something rainbow coloured, it's not going to show up anywhere near as much!!) Our mate J is making an incredible round lace baby shawl out of this same wool... knitted from the inside out... so with an ever-increasing number of stitches! I'm so impressed. Definitely destined to be an heirloom. I will ask her if I can post a picture of it when she's finished.

Oh... and... guess what?? Zed's back!! (Zed being the suspension chopper bike that went missing when our mate was beaten up). So thanx for all your comments of concern... I think they really helped, and karma won out in the end... :)

So... with the promise of pictures of the shrug and yarny goodness to come soon, here are some bits of randomness to amuse you in the meantime...

It's a completely crocheted bike (!!!) made by a girl in the states. He he. Combines my loves of knitting and bike building perfectly! Tho if I were to make one, it would be have to be a tall bike or chopper or...

Speaking of combining loves... for those of us who love cooking and knitting... I received my copy of the latest issue of Donna Hay last night (yay for my parents for giving me a subscription to DH - the best Xmas present ever!!), and lo and behold they've done a feature on what to cook for a knitting night!!! The article is ok, but it's more just exciting to see them use a knitting night for it!! (of course, it was all very fashionable, stylish knitting to fit in with the shoot... but we can forgive them that... If my house was that nice I'd force everyone to knit things that matched my decor too!)

I'll try and remember to take a picture tonight, and we can see if it looks anything like this!! Just for fun one knitting night I will have to cook some of the stuff they suggest. Although we have found at knitting nights that there's not too much point in having much finger food because noone really stops knitting for long enough to eat it. Better to just have dinner, get it over with and get back to knitting!!

So... it turns out I actually did have stuff to talk about after all!! :) More (including progress pics) soon.


Jejune said...

Good to hear how you're going - I'm very jealous of the open fire. I know they're bad for our air quality, but they're SO cosy to sit in front of!

Very pleased to hear that Zed is back - hoo-bloody-ray! Should never have been gone in the first place, of course, but great it's back. And the crocheted bike - priceless!

Georgie said...

ROFL at having to knit things that match the decor!!!

Great to catch up on all the goings on, and very glad to hear Zed is back safe and sound.

Michelle said...

That is so great about Zed! You know, I could have sworn I saw it on Majura Ave on Tuesday morning, but I was in such a headachy trance I didn't remember it until later in the week. And then I saw your blog post. What a help I am, eh?!

Hope you feel better soon. This lurgy going around is a nasty one!