Sunday, 20 July 2008

This is... my first time

I've been enjoying reading everyone's posts for the 'This is...' meme over the last couple of months - a very clever idea thought up by Three Buttons. So I've decided to throw my hat in the ring too.

This is... what makes me happy.

Spending a rainy day inside in the warmth with good friends learning new skills and getting thoroughly hooked! The lovely Katherine ran a (free!) beading workshop for us. I've always loved pawing through beads in the bead shops, and have accumulated quite a few, but have never had quite the right tools, skills or inspiration to do much with them other than making hemp friendship bands (which, incidentally I quite like, but you can only take so far).

It was a real thrill to learn new skills and to come away after five hours with three completely unique handmade creations! I know what everyone's getting for Christmas this year!! Not these ones though. These are mine!!

Thanks Katherine!!


one little acorn said...

What beautiful creations. I'd be keeping them too!

It is always so nice to share skills with friends, and what better than beading up a creative storm.

Kuka said...

wow neet - these are gorgeous!