Tuesday, 10 June 2008


It's been a lovely relaxing long weekend. Mr Purl was off in Newcastle flying his hang glider (although it sounds like there was more sitting around camp drinking beer than actual flying - the winds weren't right apparently). So I stayed home and mostly vegged.

Friday night was a trivia night at Cafe Satis in Watson, organised by my favourite workmate. It was definitely the best trivia night I've been to, partly because of the yummy tapas Cher from Satis served up, but mostly because of the original trivia questions!! One of the bonus rounds was a sheet of pictures of hairy, bead wearing hippie folk, and you had to guess whether each one was a Guru or Folk Singer! Then there were rounds such as "Name that Grain" - identifying grains/pulses/herbal teas etc in big jars, "Name the Smurves" (they decided that in the leaf/leaves plural tradition, the plural of smurf must be smurves). Then there were questions on games (everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Scrabble to Jump rope!) Questions on Canberra, Cartoons, and a round entitled "Questions we got from the Internet". Nice work to all involved, it was a thoroughly enjoyable night!

I think I'm definitely over having housewife time. Apart from sporadic moments of productivity, I'm finding I'm not actually being that productive, and then I'm feeling bad for not being productive!! So I think it's definitely time for me to be doing a few more hours at work!!

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Michelle said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. A night at Satis sounds good. I love that place - but I've only been there once as she is never open when I'm there! May have to check it out on Thursday, seeing as I'm a housewife these days myself.